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News & Notices

                                           TELEPHONE DISRUPTION

Thank you to all our patients for their understanding during our recent telephone problems.  Engineers are still working on the system and we hope that all the problems will be resolved soon.
                                              Texting Service

We are introducing a text message service.  Please notify us of your mobile number if you'd like us to send you appointment reminders. 

                                               Flu Vaccination Still Available

The FLU Vaccination Clinic is still available Please attend our Treatment Room.

From Monday to Friday 8.30 am - 12.30pm  2.30 pm to 5.00pm.

If you wish an appointment outwith these times or are house bound and cannot attend the Practice please contact the Practice on 01236 769333 and choose OPTION 2.

                                                     Bowel  Cancer

Bowel Cancer  - Please complete your bowel cancer screening pack.  The Bowel Screening programme invites all men and women in Scotland between the ages of 50 to 74 for screening every two years.  They are invited by the Health Board.  Once a patient is called they will be recalled during the same month every 2 years until they are 75.  If you require more information please click on the link http://www.bowelscreening.scot.nhs.uk  or click on this step by step leaflet http://www.healthscotland.com/uploads/documents/20560-stepbystep.pdf